Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes. I admit it. I've neglectful regard my posting new blogs.

I had an old computer which was over 9 years old, which kept on freezing up.

Now with my new computer all hooked up. and files trasferred over; I'm ready, willing and able to start writing my blogs on a regular basis.

As far as my writing ia concerned I just finished doing a total review of the my two completed manuscripts for children's books. And I've finished [if I haven't mentioned it before] entering all the changes I made for my paranormal/contemporary romance manuscripts in WORD, and need to write 4 - 5 more chapters.

Moving on to my current writing I've got 16 pages written for another children's book involving a cat [I'm a member of the CWA - Cat Writers of America] with a goal of 28 - 30 pages when complete.

And I've got 13 pages out of 125 - 130 written for a YA [young adult] manuscript.
Because this story has a girl as the main character, the only decision I need to make is whether I should write this using a more feminine name, sinced it has sort of a "young romance" storyline.