Sunday, June 10, 2012


With everything I've been involved with for the past few weeks, I've neglect to take care of my blog here on I went to the "Books Without Borders" event in Yonkers, NY yesterday I like I had planned, but unfortunately the weather [light showers on/off] kept everyone away. At least, I had enough people buying my award winning children's book to cover all of my costs for the event, with a few extra dollars to take my wife, who had occuppied me there, out for a late lunch. [we left about 2:15 PM]. And wouldn't you know it, when we arrived at our lunch destination the sun finally came out. I'm still trying to start writing my fourth manuscript for an early reader children's book. I'd like to write my second book with a cat as a main character, but every time I do, I hit a point where I can't take my story any further. It's not a matter of writer's block, because I've tried everything I know to overcome it. Maybe it's about time that I should move on to a different type of storyline. What I'd love to happen is for someone, anyone to give me a one to three word idea for a story so I can start my fingers moving across my keyboard again. Just as I wanted to get typing again for my fourth manuscript again, I got called for Grand Jury, which I've already served one week, with three more weeks to go. Perhaps I'll be able to sell a few copies of my book to my fellow jury members. If I don't, at least I can asked them for an idea. On a brighter note CreateSpace, which is owned by Amazon, has opened up the UK and several other European countries for free. This now means spending A LOT of time trying to find sites which deal with children's books, cat lovers, etc. It has also lowered the threshold for receving a royalty check from $20 to $10. So from now on I'm going to post on a more regular basis. Which means increasing the number of followers I get here and my website/blog at I also will have to increase my followers on Twitter