Monday, August 15, 2011

Updates on My Previous Posts

Started anpther blog at http://www,

I've received a final date for my book signing @ SPCA of Westchester County

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Once again I've forgotten to post here. In oder to remind me I've set up a spreadsheet with all my blog info, etc. No more I not forget to blog for days/weeks at a time. Part of the problem is that I've been spending hours surfing the net to find places I can do something with my book.

And in order to keep up with my schedule for promoting my book, I set up a schedule in EXCEL.

Right now I have the following:

AUG 22 - Interview for a local cable talk show.
AUG 29 - Interview on Authors Speaking
SEPT 9/17 or 9/24 - Book Signing with the SPCA of Westchester County
OCT 22 - Blog interview on Highlighted Author

I'm going to fill out a questionaire from Children's Radio Author Show
I had sent in a request to be on the show by giving them links to my book.
If I get accepted I believe it will be for some time in late September or October.

I now have an account on TWITTER = CatLesson.
I'm also have a blog on which I'm also starting up again.
And I've found the website I had with while I had a contract with my
publisher until my contracted March 2010. I've torn down the site, and I'm
starting anew.