Monday, May 30, 2011


Several things are happening with all my writing endeavors, and I need to set a definite schedule to get everything done.

1 - I just finished entering all the changes into WORD [word = reduced by approx.
5,000 words. And I now need to add 2/3 chapters in the middle and 2/3 more
at the end.

2 - My fourth manuscript for a children's book is being totally rewritten [story was
not going the way I wanted it to.] This one is the second cat story I'm writing.

3- Got 2 Yound Adult Stories in the beginning stages, and have plans for a fifth
children's book, this one also involving a cat.

If 5 projects underway, I must set up a definite scheduling which also includes my
website and various blogs, as well as following all of my LinkedIn Groups, and managing my own there. My goal is to write at least a total of 5 pages a day.

Hope to give an update in about a week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I gotten five pages done for my manuscript for fourth children's book. It should be smooth sailing for the rest of the story.

I'm looking forward to a possible TV appearance next month.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've finally started my manuscript for my book children's book. Hopefully this year I will get enough royalties to pay for my being able at least one of my other manuscripts if not both. At this point I know this fourth book will revolve around a cat [since I am a member of the CWA = Cat Writers of America), which path it will go as far as a story line goes I haven't decided yet. With about 1,000 words written so far I've changed the first four pages several times already. Once I've formulated more of the storyline I should be two pages each day I'm going to work of it. It is suprising how much can be written in a few days by keeping to a committed goal of these two pages a day.

At this time I've completed entering half of the latest set of changes to my paranormal romance manuscript. Once this is completed, one more read through before I begin writting the final four to five chapters of the book. I anticipated that I will at loooong last complete the story by the end of July.

I will then have the entire manuscript proofread [provided I have the funds].

Monday, May 2, 2011


I did my last post on December 1st. December 4th I had been scheduled to do a booksigning for the Westchest County SPCA. On that I had gotten into my car, drove out of the garage, went about 2 blocks had suffered a major heart attack. Luckily a Public Safety vehicle saw my car moving every slowing, when it stopped, they approached my car and saw I had passed out. They broke the window and opened the door of my car, pulling me out and started CPR, and then used a defibrillator to start my heart again. I then spent about 2 1/2 months in two hospital and a nursing home for rehab.

When I got home in the middle of February, I had over 2,500 emails in my various accounts/screen names. Once that got done I proceeded to re-read and re-edit the manuscripts for my two other children's books.

My children's, "A Lesson My Cat Taught Me" came out as self-published on October
2nd and I started to promote it at the same time. My heart attack brought an end to my promotion efforts which I didn't start again until the beginning of March. I knew I had more email accounts that the ones I had already gone through, and I knew at least two blogs but I could not remember what they were, etc.

Just "googled" myself I found I had this blog today I felt I had to try to do an update on my status. Anyway I just received my first royalty check as a self-publised author...nothing to talk about it's a start.

Anyway, tonight I've got back to entering the changes I've done to my paranormal romance since my last set of revisions, once I've completed that it's back to another set re-reading/re-editing, since I will now be looking at the manuscript with a "new set of eye."

I am a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the RWA (Romance Writers of America). Towards the end of last year I also joined the CWA (Cat Writers of America).

Lastly, I am being to formulater a fourth manuscript for a children's book which will be revolving around a cat.