Saturday, June 19, 2010


Given I had written a children's book (ages 5 - 8[9]), my publisher got an illustrator, Nancy C. Lepri, to do the illustrations.

She did a superb job in doing them, capturing the visual story of my words. The weirdest thing about her illustrations is the cover she drew. Why am I saying the front cover is weird? The answer is simple. Even though she lives in North Carolina, she drew the view I had from my apartment window as I wrote the book.

After the illustrations had been done, I became a "galley slave", reviewing and making final changes to the story. Once I approved the final draft, I waited patiently for the first copy of my book to arrive. The smell of ink of a fresly printed book fulfills the dream of each writer wanting to see their work in print. It is a smell which will always be remembered and cherished.

During the time I had been with my publisher, she held chats where all the authors who where there able to begin to learn how to market our books, and we developed a kinship, supporting each other along the way. We shared each others ups as well as our downs.

Even though one gets published, we still need a network of friends and supporters who are able to understand and feel the emotions we have.

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