Saturday, June 19, 2010


Things happen for a reason. I retired in February of this year. In March the contract with my publisher ended. Although this might be a disappointment for some, I am looking at this as an opportunity; an opportunity to take matters into my own hands, and to take risks, which if they failed might have impacted negatively on my fellow authors who were still with my publisher.

I took steps, steps which I could not take before, including tightening up on parts of the story of my book, which would have otherwise have cost money to make the revisions. I, of course, took steps to form my own corporation, obtaining all the necessary items to become a corporation. I also had to purchase the rights to the illustrations in my book. Given that my words, and her illustration combined to make a wonder end product; and after some discussions we arrived at a mutually agreed upon price, which we, considering the circumstances felt would be fair to both of us.

Now with the rights to the illustrations in hand, and having completed making the final edits. I am almost ready to get my book published again. Just need to complete the arrangement for the back cover, and to obtain some feedback on its design.

With all the time I now have, I have been able to make final edits for another manuscript for a children's book I have written, and to begin making edits on a third. Time has also given me the opportunity to sit down and to begin to complete writing the paranormal romance manuscript I began writing about seven years ago. First manuscripts take the longest to write, as one strives for prefection. And given what I have heard about what is being looked for in the market place for certain genres of books, I am looking at possible writing a YA (young adults book).

Things happen for a reason, and I am glad I decided to retire when I did.

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