Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's amazing no matter how many times you re-read what you have, you'll usually find something else whichs needs a little tweeting. Just as I got ready to give my final approval, I found two more little changes which I needed to make. Now I'm awaiting to get the next PDF.file for my book for my approval. Hopefully, I should get it tomorrow or Thursday.

I found some more minor changes in my second manuscript for a children's, and in my third manuscript I eliminate an entire portion [it could convey some wrong ideas as to how to behave to some readers. I read a post in another group I belong to, went to the link which had been provided, and to my surprise I'm now have the possibility of yet another story for a children's book. But then again, it fits the personal tag I have = "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHERE YOUR NEXT STORY IDEA WILL COME FROM".

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