Saturday, September 11, 2010


About two days ago I submitted the changes I need to have for the interior of my book. The only restriction I had, is a limit of 20 changes, before I would be charged any additional fees.

I had a few text changes in a handful of paragraphs. How do I not have each change in a paragraph count....Simple copy the text from my original submission, paste it into what I want the text to read field, make my changes, and then tell them to replace the whole paragraph.

Since my book has illustrations, I need to have the text facing the appropriate illustrations. In the end, the next to the last page of text was almost blank due to the manner the text had been formatted. It didn't create any real problem, however it became tedious having to count every line on a page and then insert a page break to even out the last few pages of text. The end product will hopefully come out I way planned.

According to my count I still have about 7 changes left which I can make.

According to the timeframe I had been advised of, I should get a new PDF.file with these changes by Wed/Thurs.

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