Sunday, August 5, 2012


Sorry for the LOOONG DELAY since my last post, but after weeks of having a blank as to what to write as my fourth book a light bulb has FINALLY COME ON inside my head. I've been a member of the CWA [Cat Writer's of America] since 2010 and I felt it was time for me to write another children's book. probably another early reader that has a cat has the main character. And today I was at loooong fast able to time my first double-spaced page on my computer. I'm not going to rush in writing this as I still have two other manuscripts I would like to start the process of getting it published through CreatSpace, but I still need to generate sales on my first [award winning] children's book, "A Lesson My Cat Taught Me." to create the necessary funds to begin. I'm setting an easily attainable goal of two double-spaced pages a page. I'm taking it nice and easy, as the old saying goes "HASTE MAKES WASTE". So welcome back on board as I begin journey through this writing endeavor.

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