Thursday, August 30, 2012


The best laid plans of mice and men oft time go astray. In the past two weeks I've suffered through one distraction after another after an another. And for the past several days while I might be retired, my wife's still working; and right now she's on vacation, which needless to say this has left me without any time to any writing. Right now she still has five days left. I finally made the decision last week to go and try my hand at selling my first book at a street fair. The fee is $200, this includes a one-day license fee to sell my book, the base fee, but also includes $50 for the rental of a tent, table and two chairs. Hopefully with people able to actual hold the book in their hands, my reducing the price so when I add in the required sales tax, the new price is an even dollar amount, eliminating the need to have any loose change. I just hope that next week, that Saturday will be a beautiful day.

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