Friday, July 2, 2010


I've allowed myself to have to many distractions from my writing. I've gotten more involved with my union, joining the retirees group and becoming a co-chair of the group, as well as additional activities; activities which my work and schedule had previously prevented me from being involved with.

I've also had to deal with finalizing my pension. I could have easily mailed everything in, but, given the bureaucracy of things being passed from pillar to post before it gets to the individual who actually needs to get it, I decided to hand deliver it and get a dated copy of what I gave.

I'm in the process of setting up definitive schedule of what needs to be done and when I will be doing it. Needless to say, first up on my agenda is the children's book I want to get published again. I am committed in getting this done by the middle of next week. Part of my schedule will be a daily goal of how many pages of the new YA manuscript I'm writing, how many chapters of editing I will be doing on my paranormal romance. One thing I can not forget is allowing for time for "emergencies", R & R, etc. No "emergencies" will allow for greater movement in my goal. I also can not forget about setting up more of my marketing strategy for when my book is available again, and a third children's book manuscript which is now on the back burner and requires almost a total rewrite of the second half.

Well, I'm off to do some editing on my paranormal manuscript and to make my final decision of what I'm going to do with the back cover of my book. So until my next blog, keep plugging away on what you are doing.

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