Sunday, August 8, 2010


After a few tweets regarding the size of the illsutrations, text font size, etc., I've just approved the interior mockup of my book's first few pages. I had approved the book's design for the front and back cover previously. There I had been given two design concepts to choose from, and after some consideration I chose to go with one concept for the front cover and the second second for the back; each one with a minor tweet.

Now with this stage of the process done. I now have to wait until I receive a PDF file of my entire book, which is going to follow the format of the mockup I've just approved. Once I give my approval here, I then will received a hard copy for my final approval. I anticipate that these two steps will take approximately three week to complete [hopefully it will be less]. This would make my book available for purchase by the beginning of September.

As far as my other writing efforts are concerned;
I've now completed a total of 112 pages of 256 in my lastest editing/rewriting of my paranormal romance.
I have begun an outline for my YA paranormal.
In addition, I beginning to mull ideas in my head for a serials of YA books, probably involving the sci-fi/fanasty/time travel genres.

One thing I really have to do is to set-up a more defined timetable of what plan to do each day regarding my writing endeavors, distractions are allowed, but they should run my daily routine.

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