Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As I said in one of my first blogs, if you are serious about writing in any genre, you should join a recognized group to that genre. If you are interested in children's books you have the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) []; of which I am a member. There are chapters, each one offering different progams. The good thing here is, being a member of the national organization, automatically makes you a member of your local chapter. To find out if and where your local chapter go to the national site mentioned above. SCBWI has a magazine and its web site offers member an opportunity for its members to reach to each other for support and guidance though its discussion groups; its also contain of wealth of information.

I am also a member of the Romance Writer of America national organization [], which allows me to join any of their local chapters. I had a choice between one in NYC and one in Rockland County (Nyack, NY); I chose the one in Nyack, NY; Hudson Valley RWA [] The reason I chose them, is the critique session that is offered at their meetings. (You can go to two meetings, after that you need to be a member of the national organization in order to join this group).

I have, until now, not made any progress with my paranormal romance for the past four months. At the same time, by listening to the critiques of others, I have gain knowledge in how to tweet what I have written in my own manuscript. The great thing about their critiques are done, is that no one there attempts to criticize what you have written, everyone there merely wants to help each other hone their skills as an author. I just took a look at the first few pages of one of my original versions of my manuscript and compare it to what I have today. And I didn't know any better I would say they were written by two different individuals; and I have to thank everyone there in making it happen. If you are truly intested in pursuing written a romance novel, and live in the Hudson Valley area, I invite you to check this group out on their web site.

Now, let me get back to the subject of this blog. In the past few days:

I have re-edited 27 pages out of 256 for my paranormal romance.
Edit/deleted my third manuscript of a children's book.
[My second one is waiting for me to get the funds I would need to move
it forward
Since my YA manuscript does not appear to be going in the direction I would like,
I've decided to scrap it. Since then I have written four pages for the new

Time to get some sustenance so I can return to do some more editing. I also
have to work on my emails, on line group, etc

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  1. Good luck, Sal. Keep up the hard work! Thanks for the invite to your blog. Looks good!