Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've finally started my manuscript for my book children's book. Hopefully this year I will get enough royalties to pay for my being able at least one of my other manuscripts if not both. At this point I know this fourth book will revolve around a cat [since I am a member of the CWA = Cat Writers of America), which path it will go as far as a story line goes I haven't decided yet. With about 1,000 words written so far I've changed the first four pages several times already. Once I've formulated more of the storyline I should be two pages each day I'm going to work of it. It is suprising how much can be written in a few days by keeping to a committed goal of these two pages a day.

At this time I've completed entering half of the latest set of changes to my paranormal romance manuscript. Once this is completed, one more read through before I begin writting the final four to five chapters of the book. I anticipated that I will at loooong last complete the story by the end of July.

I will then have the entire manuscript proofread [provided I have the funds].

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