Monday, May 30, 2011


Several things are happening with all my writing endeavors, and I need to set a definite schedule to get everything done.

1 - I just finished entering all the changes into WORD [word = reduced by approx.
5,000 words. And I now need to add 2/3 chapters in the middle and 2/3 more
at the end.

2 - My fourth manuscript for a children's book is being totally rewritten [story was
not going the way I wanted it to.] This one is the second cat story I'm writing.

3- Got 2 Yound Adult Stories in the beginning stages, and have plans for a fifth
children's book, this one also involving a cat.

If 5 projects underway, I must set up a definite scheduling which also includes my
website and various blogs, as well as following all of my LinkedIn Groups, and managing my own there. My goal is to write at least a total of 5 pages a day.

Hope to give an update in about a week.

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