Friday, October 1, 2010


Just got word a physical proof has been order by the Support Team at Create Space working on my book. They advised me that it would about 5 days before it will be mailed out. As soon as I approve it, it will immediately become available through a direct link to their e-store, followed in about 15 days on

I read a post in one of the groups I belong to on, and after clicking on the link provided I believe I now have a possible story idea for another children's book.

I have a personal tagline which is on my business cards =

So far I have gotten story ideas from;
1. Watching the antics of my two cats [Published / and is now being re-released as
as self-published book].
2. From my wife who had an idea for a story about a boy and his bean. [Manuscript
completed...waiting get it published...need $$$ from sale of first book.]
3. From an online critique ... a short-short story less than 2500 words revolving
around a fountain. [Manscript completed but now needs a major re-write.
4. From checking out a link from a group I belong to on [outline for
story line being formatted first in my head and then on paper. Right now
I have the mid-point of the story to the end...need to formulate now I will
begin it.

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  1. I understand exactly what you mean about "You'll never know...". When we were farming, we had one pig with an exceptional personality, she's given me enough for about 5 stories! Absolutely crazy porker but great fodder for my children's books.
    I'm stuck in the groove of having written my first story about her in 1990. Now I want to publish it. I love writing, but as of this past year we are living on bread the last week of each month before our pensions come in. Not much hope for me!