Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just received my first order of my book, "A Lesson My Cat Taught Me" [110 copies]

I've set aside 10 copies for "promotions". One copy {the version I had with my publisher] has gone out to a woman who works as the EVENTS MANAGER for a radio station. I originally spoke to her it concerned purchasing tickets for an event, I found out she has a cat...Anyway, when I emailed her concerning who she would like me to autograph a copy, she said her child's teacher's class. Since the autograph copy is going to a teacher, I also enclosed pictures of my two cats who inspired to write the book, and the citation about my book being made a recommended resource by Teaching Tolerance [updating the information to show my current book], which reminds me to send them a copy as well to update their web site for my book

I also gave the web sites to purchase a copy.

Now I can finally send a copy to someone who wants to do a book review for a major online site for pets, which goes out to other sites. I can also fulfill a promise to send a someone who said he wants to interview me on his online talk show,

As can be seen from the above you need to keep the promises you made while you were promoting your book. Remember you're giving "away" a copy of your own book, which you purchased at a greatly reduced price. The cost of each copy of your book, let's for argument sake is $5 + $2 for postage. For $7 for you are reaching hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, people can now see and hear you, instead of merely reading

I envelope done for today, one/two to go. Remember to keep the receipt you get from the post office for each book you mail out [document your expenses]. Once they're done, it's a quick walk to the post office.

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