Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday, around 6 PM I saw a rainbow. We had heavy rains in the morning, overcast the entire day with intermittent light rain. The sky around then had dark spots. Went into a Hallmark with my wife to get a birthday card, and some instant scratch Lotto tickets for a friend of the family. When we came out, the sun came out, the clouds broke and right in front of us see saw a complete rainbow.

So, I saw a rainbow. Big deal. Why would it matter if I did or if I didn't? The thing is when I check my email, I had received word that the physical copy of my book had been shipped via PRIORITY MAIL... meaning if the cards are right I should be receiving it today...If everything is fine and I approve it today...My book will become available through "my" e-store by Wednesday and Amazon by October 19th.

Guess, I'll be spending a lot of time updating various web sites where the old copy of my book appears.

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  1. Congratulations on getting your book finished. There is no other feeling like holding that first copy in your hands. Savor every minute.