Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've already posted items on the groups I belong to on
I've created an account on Facebook, and have research for and joined several
appropriated groups for me.
I've started to use an old screen name on have on YAHOO, deleting the groups I
had there and have begun joining new ones involving chrilden's books, cats,
humane society, etc. and begun posting items there. All these groups pertain
to the genre of my book and what my book is about

Of course all this is time consuming, and if you're truly interested in getting your book promoted and marketed, that is what you must be willing to do. No one will come to you, and no one will know about what you have to offer, unless you take charge and do something on your own.

Without question TIME = MONEY. You must be willing to put in as much time as you can in this endeavor. But then, of course, you can always pay someone else to promote/market your book. However, paying someone else will not guarantee that you will get any better results.

Sam Levenson, once stated [or restated some advice he got from his parents] that if you should ever need a helping hand you can find one at the end of your arm.

Well, I'm back off to searching for more groups to join. One of the groups I joined on YAHOO, back me another kind of group I could join. You to take every idea that comes along and run with it.

Right now I'm going back to reading my emails [another time consuming task], and replying to those which might help promote my book. Then it's back to the search/search anew for more groups to join/post. I know, and you must remember that enough though a group might have 5,000 only a portion will actually read your post, and only of portion of that will actually go to the link you provided.

Finally, in doing what I've discussed here, don't believe that this will be the pot at the end of a rainbow, you must remember that in "blind marketing" [where you receive unsolicited offers in the mail] the returns are only about 2% - 3%, and in a few incidents somewhat more

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