Monday, July 5, 2010

decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS

Other than doing things with my wife this weekend, I've spent most of the time deciding on what I should do for the new back cover of my book. I've gotten feedback from several people, including my illustrator [Nancy Lepri], and I value all of their input. Some individuals felt I should place my picture next to the small book related bio, others suggested I should place a picture of the one-eyed calico, my wife and I own. [We also own the Maine Coon in my book].

After lots of thought designing and redesigning the back cover of the book, I've come to the decision to leave the back cover in the same manner which existed on the previous back cover. No matter how I placed the picture, combining it with the text, the back cover appeared to be too crowded and distracting to read. The simplified cover of text only makes it easier on the eyes.

Now all I have to is to finalized the back cover text, review the text borders of the book, correct placement of the illustrations. etc. I'm hoping I'll be able to complete everything, including phoning someone where I'm getting the book setup and printed tomorrow. They'll be supplying me with the new ISBN which is one less item I have to worry about. And lastly I've decided to keep the price of the book the same, $6.95.

Well, I'm off to prepare dinner. Nothing special, only some turkey sloppy joes; great tasting but not the same of the ground beef variety

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