Saturday, July 17, 2010


As I wait for my book to move through the various phases of production until I receive a hard copy for my final approval (the previous one being a digital [PDF]copy, I can begin my marketing plan.

The first thing I'm doing is to set up various pre-written items which I feel I would need to use in the future, some of which might be over and over again. While this is going to take some time to complete now, it will save a great deal of more time in the future.

As I'm doing this. I'm surfing the web to find appropriate sites, groups, etc where I can post these items. Again, the time that I'm spending now will save me time in the future. When my book becomes available again, I can "rapid fire" everything out the same day; instead of doing all of the research, writing, posting, etc; instead of doing everything then.

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