Sunday, July 11, 2010


After making several setups for the back cover, with a picture of my cat [UNO - the main character of my book] or myself; I made the decision not to have any picture at all. The reason for this decision, it made the cover too busy and I like the simplicity that I already had on the book.

Once I made this decision I began the "defined" submission process that CreateSpace has in place. The great thing is that there is, from my experience a great support mechanism included in the fee which is paid. The extend of the support depends on the package purchased. Since my book had already beed edited prior to beginning published the first time around, I didn't need this service.

On the submission page you start off by submitting the text which I did after one last read through of the manuscript. I then submitted each of the illustrations I have in my book, as a JPEG file. [I'm grateful that my illustrator, Nancy Lepri, who has been very supportive in my having a usable copy of each of the illustration]. To get the required JPEG file I merely scanned the hard copy of each illustration as a picture. To get each illustration properly placed within the text of my book, I had to include their placement within the confines of the text I had already submitted, according to their instructions.

Now comes such things as what I want to be placed on Amazon regarding my book. This is going to get place during the coming week. As they begin their portion of my book's set-up, they will obtain a new ISBN, and insert it on the copyright page, in addition they will be asking me for my preference in fine tuning my book's appearance.

Once the all the portions submission process has been completed, with the assistance of their support team at each step of the process, I will receive a digital copy of my book for approval. Once I approve, I will need to approve a hard copy. Once they receive my approval, it will take about 10 business days to get it on Amazon.

Well, it's Sunday, a day for the major shopping for the week with my wife amongst other things. Then, I'm off to edit another chapter of my paranormal romance, and possibly type 3-4 more pages in the YA manuscript I'm doing.

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