Sunday, July 18, 2010


With the text of the various postings and emails I plan to do once my book is available again, I am now begining to prepare a listing of various venues where I can do a fundraising book signing at.

Look at what your book is dealing with. Does it deal with any group of people, causes, etc? If it does then start making a list of the charity, contact person, web site, etc.

Since my book deals with the acceptance of people for who they are and not what they are; and also deals pet adoption and animal rescue, I will be concentrating in these areas. And in order to compile this listing I will scouring my emails, newspapers, etc.

The good thing about doing a booksigning for a fundrasing, forgetting about the monetary return for you with increased sales. is the possibility of getting FREE MEDIA ATTENTION about your book. The increase in media attention from one event can easily increase your sales, as well as, opening the door for additional fundraising booksignings.

The first item on my list is for a group in the NYC area which provides a santuary for feral and unadoptable cats, and is looking for funds to finance a revamping of the home used for this purpose. Unless to say, I will not be contacting them until I have the copies I would need in hand.

When deciding what portion of each sale you should give to the organization you doing the booksign for; round off the regular price of the book, divide this price by the sales tax on the book [for example, if the sales tax = 7.5%, book = $11.95; then the pretax price would be $12/1.075 = 11.16], and then consider what you feel would be a fair amount to give as the donation for each copy of your book that got sold. Please keep in mind you also need to be fair to yourself as well, as far as the profit you will now be making on each copy is concern.

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